Lift Off Unit 7 – 8

Lift Off Unit 7 – 8
Hi Sue,
I have some interesting news. Do you remember Leena and Dalal? They are my friends. They go to the IntermediateGirls’ School here in Riyadh. Last week, they decided to start an English magazine because they want to practisetheir English. They contacted their teacher and she agreed to help. Then, about three days ago, Dalal called meand now I’m going to help too! I’m looking forward to it. We are going to call itSaudi Stars. We printed the firstone yesterday, to tell people about it. Next month it’s going to have stories, reports and quizzes in it. I am goingto meet Dalal and Leena tomorrow to discuss it. Dalal also suggested asking you to send interesting articles about
school life in England. Would you like to? I’ll arrange to get you some of the magazines to show your friends.Julie
Lift Off Unit 7 – 8
newsletter with Julie.
2The other studentssome names for the newsletter.
3The Intermediate Girls’in Riyadh is a school for older English girls.
4The girlssome of their articles and showed them to their friends.
5The girlsto ask their teacher to help.
6DalalJulie by e-mail.
Lift Off Unit 7 – 8
7Leena and Dalalto meet after school.
8They all agreedSaudi Starsbest.
9Leena wanted to startbut Dalal wanted to speak to her teacher first.
Sue wrote a story for the magazine. Sue’s mum and her friend Helen planned to go to Paris for a fewdays. Look at the pictures to see what happened. Write one sentence about each picture to tell the story.Use the words to help.

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