Full Blast 1 workbook

Full Blast 1 workbook
حل كتاب Full Blast 1 workbook للصف الأول المتوسط الفصل الدراسي الأول
module 1
module 2
module 3
module 4
These are my mobile phones
Those children have got colourfulbikes
Are these your white dresses?
These teams are great
Who are those women?Where are your hoodies?
Yusuf can’t draw well, but Frank can.Yusuf can speak Arabic, but Frank can’t.
Yusuf can’t paint, but Frank can.
Yusuf can skateboard, but Frank can’t.
Can Alex and Ryan
cook? Full Blast 1 workbook
No, they can’t.
Can Susan paint?
Yes, she can.
Are those your scarves?
My sisters have got modern mobile phones
Those children are tall
These are my new dresses
My best friends are tall and chubby
These fish are black
Arabic, English and French
She can take picturesGinger
Where does Tariq live?
Who’s your favourite teacher?When does Patrick go bowling?
I play basketball.
Yes, I do Full Blast 1 workbook
We hang out in the afternoon.We go out at 3pm
No, I don’t
Do you always do the washing at the weekend?Nancy doesn’t usually tidy her room.
Kareem’s room is never a mess.
Lana often cooks in the evening
Paul sometimes helps out at home.

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