Full Blast 3 grammar book

حل كتاب Full Blast 3 grammar book للصف الثاني المتوسط (الصف الثامن) الفصل الدراسي الأول
How often do you study English?I study English three times a week.
Where do your parents go everyday? They go to workMark always has a shower in the morningI don’t usually do the washing-upThe children are sometimes tired after schoolDoes your mother often iron the clothes in the evening?My sister never tidies her room on weekdays does Neil goatdon’t playonDo you often hang outindoes Stuart haveonusually watchatgosometimes hooversonis never boredinusually haveatinalways brush/before after

Sami usually watches TV every evening. He goes out with friends at the weekends. He studies every day after lunch.He plays football on Saturdays
is riding a bikeare runningis talking on the mobile phoneare playing volleyballis paintingis wearing a cap

usually play board games but today they are watching TV
Tom is studying at the momentJulie doesn’t know Mrs. Giles We are working at my dad’s shop these daysPhilip usually goes to the park at the weekendLiam wants to go out tonightFaiz and Imad aren’t wearing their tracksuits tomorrowMark rides his bike every dayJames doesn’t like working on Wednesdays
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