Full Blast 3 work book

حل كتاب full-blast-3-work-book للصف الثاني المتوسط (الثامن) الفصل الدراسي الأول
module 1
module 2
module 3
module 4 Full Blast 3 work book
Cuban Egyptian Bahraini Jordanian Mexico The UAE
How manyI drink six glasses of water every day How many I eat a lot of vege tables
Naeem isn’t usually tired after school
Maria sometimes cooks dinner on Wednesday
How often do Ali and Rami play basketball?
I usually watch TV in the eveningbdaec Full Blast 3 work book
love going shopping. They like table tennis. They can’t stand playing computer games. They hate arts and craftshates going shopping. He can’t stand playing table tennis. He enjoys playing computer games. He likes arts and craftsacbd Full Blast 3 work book
She’s fun, active , clever and outgoing
Basketball ClubActivities: learning basketball, competitions, tournamentsFree coaching for beginners, free ballsTimes: Thursday to Saturday , from 5pm to 7pmPrice: £ 10 a month

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