Lift Off 3 workbook unit 6 – 10

Lucy’s grandmother likes drinking tea.She always makes it her special way!
Read her instructions and number thepictures in the correct order.
Lift Off 3 workbook unit 6 – 10
Who’s the girl talking to Elena?
2Who’s the man? He’s coming downstairs.
3I know the student. She’s sitting at her desk.
4Look at the motorbike! It’s going the wrong way.
2Re-write these sentences. Use a preposition.
1Look at the bird. It’s on the car.
Look at the bird on the car.
2That’s my horse. It’s in the field.
3Whose is the bag? It’s on the ground.
4That’s my brother. He’s in the dark blue coat.
Lift Off 3 workbook unit 6 – 10
aGo straight on. You can see it on the other side of the road.bWalk to the end of the street.
cGo along this road and turn left at the Post Office.
dGo past the park on your right.

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