Lift Off 5 WorkBook

Lift Off 5 WorkBook

Write questions witheverabout the things Bear Grylls has done.
1do anything difficult?Has he ever done anything difficult?
2do anything dangerous?
3eat an insect for food?
4go somewhere very remote?
5catch animals in the desert?
6fly in a balloon?
7climb a mountain?
8make a television programme on survival?
Lift Off 5 WorkBook
3After you have eaten, please do the.
5(and2down) When the bus comes,and
buy a ticket.
7Catch the train and your father willyou from the station.
8Theis between the leg and the foot.
1Don’tswitch onthe television on. I want to sleep.
4Tidy your room byyour things away
6Wear a warm coat. The weather istoday.

2ownbNot needing to be repaired.
3furniturecYour mother and father’s grandparents.
4stampdIf yousomething, it belongs to you.
5collecteJust a short time ago.
6great-grandparentfBefore sending your letter, put one on the envelope.
7in good conditiongYour house won’t be very comfortable if you don’t have any!
BRead and circle the correct answers.

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