Lift Off Unit 3 – 4

ESPEAKINGWork in pairs. Discuss your strong favourites, your pet hates and things
that you don’t have strong feelings about. Use phrases from Exercise D.
FREADINGMatch the paragraphs with the headings.

Dear Marhaba Readers,
AMy name is Waleed. I come from Kuwait and I am 14 years old.
I have a sister and two brothers.
BI go to AlBayan Boys’ School in Safwat, Kuwait. My best subject
is geography but my favourite subject is maths.
CIn my free time I love swimming and sailing. I quite like playing
chess, too. My pet hates? I can’t stand people smoking.
DI would like to hear from Saudi students. Please send replies to
Best wishes
Lift Off Unit 3 – 4

1Verbs likehas changedare regular verbs in the present perfect tense.
2We make the present perfect withhas/have+ past particle.
3We make the part participle of regular verbs with verb + -ed, for example,has increased.
4The Present Perfect tense connects time or actions in the past to present time or actions:
Lift Off Unit 3 – 4
ESPEAKINGSay complete sentences.
1Sami, Yazeed, Adel/start/new website
3Adel/design/new page forMarhaba
5Sami, Adel /visit/Riyadh many times

1Hani/buy/new car/last week
5The boys/bring/surprise/for mother
7Hani/find/space/car park
9My brother/fall/a puddle
CWRITINGWrite the sentences from
Exercise B in your notebooks.
Unit 2•Saudi Review

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