Lift Off Unit 9 – 10

CMatch the excuse with the apology.
1I’m sorry I haven’t been to visit you.
2I’m sorry John hasn’t done his homework.
3I’m sorry I haven’t written to you.
4I’m sorry you haven’t won the cooking
competition, Hana.
5I’m sorry I haven’t read your report.
6I’m sorry we haven’t spent any time with
you this weekend.
Unit 3•Lesson 1
Lift Off Unit 9 – 10
Have you seen a desert rose before? This is a picture of one. As you cansee, it looks like a flower, but it isn’t alive, it’s made of stone. You canfind these beautiful things in the desert, usually where salt water hasdried. I found this one five years ago. I have found three desert rosesnow. I have given two to the museum here, but I have kept this one. It ismy favourite because it’s the biggest one and also because it is the first
Lift Off Unit 9 – 10
FRead Sami’s article again and answer the questions.
1Are desert roses flowers?No, they aren’t
2What are desert roses made of?
3Where can you find desert roses?
4When did Sami find this desert rose?
5What has Sami done with his other two desert roses?
6Are desert roses always easy to find?

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