SuperGoal 3 WorkBook ثاني متوسط الفصل الاول

Read the paragraph.
Fahd goes to school Sunday through Thursday. He works outthree days a week on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday. He stayshealthy all year, and he’s not sick a lot. He also hangs out with hisfriends after school and on weekends. They go to the mall everyThursday, and they usually eat lunch in the food court. He loves

Read the story.
Pizza is a popular food. It comes from Italy. The pizza capital ofthe world is Naples, Italy. The world’s first pizza restaurant is still there.It goes back to 1830! The classic pizza of today goes back to the1880s. Its creator was Raffaele Esposito. This pizza has the same colors

6What Was It Like?
BImad wants to know about the football game Faisal went to last night. Write Imad’s questions and
Faisal’s answers. Use information questions, the simple past tense ofbe, and the words in the box.

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