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اسئلة اختبار Flying High1

other information about him?
b Work in pairs. Student A, read Early life about Mark Hanson. Student B,
read Later life about Hamza Yusuf.
c Student A, ask questions about Hamza Yusuf and complete his profile.
Student B, ask questions about Mark Hanson and complete his profile.
Grammar Past continuous vs past simple used to
Flying High – Unit 1 – 2

اسئلة اختبار Flying High1

Take your receipt from the machine. Decide if you want to pay by card or not.
Hold each item over the scanner. Put the shopping basket on the small table.
Look at these sentences about how to use an automatic check-out machine. In pairs,
put the sentences in the correct order. Write a number beside each sentence (1 for the first, etc.).
Put all the descriptions up on the board or the
wall. Read them all and vote for the best one.

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