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Mega Goal 1 مقررات

حل كتاب الانجليزي اول ثانوي Mega Goal 1 مقررات

unit 1 Big Changes

Expressing Opinion/ Preference/ Agreeing/ Disagreeing
What do you think of …? I think it’s interesting / an amazing achievement.
I’m not sure but I think … and … are more
What’s your opinion about …? I think it’s exciting.
I’m not sure. I guess it’s useful/ exciting…
Do you find …. interesting? / Don’t you think it’s …? No, not really. I think
it’s boring/ pointless/ unimportant. I’d rather go for Y or Z
I don’t agree. Look at it this way. / I see your point but …
Yes, you’re right. / I certainly agree on this one/ I totally agree with you

حل كتاب الانجليزي اول ثانوي Mega Goal 1 مقررات

Role-play a conversation like the one above with
a partner. Give information about your family.

Include the following:
• place of birth
• where your parents and grandparents
are/were from
• if you still have relatives in those places
• what other languages your parents and
grandparents speak/spoke
• what your parents/grandparents do/did
Read the stories on page 12 again and find similarities and differences. Make notes in the chart below.
Compare in pairs. Then use your notes to report in class. Remember to write key words only when you make

Unit 3 What Will Be
A. In English, speakers stress, or emphasize, words that they think are important. These are usually content
words like nouns, verbs, and adjectives. Listen and note the stress. Then practice.
My mother was born in Riyadh. Mona is going to college in Qassim.
Where did you grow up? Have you ever visited Europe?
B. Choose some sentences from the texts you read on page 6. Underline the words that you think are
important in each sentence. Practice reading the sentences aloud stressing the words you underlined.

Unit 4 The Art of Advertising

attractive in an unusual way that attracts attention
b. to make something by mixing things in liquid or powder form, which are
not normally combined
c. draw attention to a new fact or one that someone had not thought of or
noticed, tell someone something they didn’t know or had not thought of
d. the qualities or characteristics that something, e.g. a substance or
object, has
e. the way in which an event, action, or person changes/influences someone
or something
f. the smallest part of a living thing
g. the smallest unit that a substance can be divided into while maintaining
its chemical nature, usually consisting of two or more atoms
h. the system that the body uses to protect itself against disease or infection
i. a substance/chemical that destroys bacteria

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