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حل كتاب النشاط Mega Goal 2

حل كتاب النشاط Mega Goal 2
I need to call him and apologize for my last E-mail.
It though they were spam.
Weather changes are monitored closely so that damage by storms can be prevented.
The controller watches the screen very carefully so that accidents can be avoided.
Large screens are used so that conditions can be shown clearly over a broad area.
Did people use to leave messages on telephone answering machines?
Did Fahd use to check his email all the time?
Did students use to write on paper / in books / on tablets?
The man is stressed out because of work. He wishes that he were on
The man participated in a game show on television, and he won a very
If Ahmed didn’t have an English test next Sunday, they’d go on vacation with us.
Charles wishes that he was good enough to play professional
Maria wishes that there wasn’t so much traffic in the city.
it wasn’t so noisy at the restaurant.
Adel would go to a picnic with his friends if he didn’t have to study over the weekend for his test.

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