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كتاب الطالب Mega Goal 5

كتاب الطالب Mega Goal 5

Would you like another piece of pizza?

1. Sure. I’d love another.
2. I have another computer. Would you like to use it?
3. Some documentaries are interesting. Others aren’t.
4. We need to get another car. This one is so old!
5. Is there any other food? I don’t eat steak.
6. Many of the teachers are leaving. Others aren’t.
7. I’m going to sit at the table with the other kids.
8. I can’t find my math book anywhere. I might just buy another.
H Complete the conversation with the phrases from the box.
Read the text and answer the questions. Then complete the questionnaire at the end of the text with your
own ideas.

كتاب الطالب Mega Goal 5

What gender are you?
2. What’s something you find tedious?
3. What’s the most outlandish commercial you’ve ever seen? Explain.
4. What’s your favorite brand of food? What does the brand’s logo look like?
5. What’s something you like to blow money on?
6. When do people doze off?
7. What would you do if you bought a computer that had a lot of defects?
8. What kind of exotic animals can you see in parks or zoos?
2. Ahmed is talented at writing, and so is his friend Oscar.
3. A TV antenna is difficult to tune in. A satellite dish is more difficult.
4. The Ritz is a prestigious restaurant, and so is the Lime Tree.
5. The original film’s plot is intriguing. The plot of the sequel is less intriguing.
Complete the chart with the comparative and superlative forms

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