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كتاب النشاط Mega Goal 3

كتاب النشاط Mega Goal 3

. Lee is the kind of person that will always tell you the truth. He doesn’t like to play games or pretend.
He never says things just to make someone feel good. He is honest and doesn’t hide anything. You
always know where you stand with him. Lee
2. David likes to spend time by himself. After school, he usually goes home and works on his computer.
He likes playing computer games and watching films. He has a few friends at school, but he is
happiest when he’s alone. David is a
3. Jason loves to try new things. Last year he went whitewater rafting in Chile. Two years ago, he climbed Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. This year he’s going to hike the Appalachian Trail in the United States.

He isn’t afraid of anything! Jason is

4. Peter is not the kind of person who plans things out. He usually makes a decision and immediately
acts on it.

For example, last week, he really wanted to eat fish for dinner, so he got in his car and drove
Rewrite the text messages using abbreviations. Remember to find the shortest way of representing the
way they sound.

كتاب النشاط Mega Goal 3

1. Where are you? Will you be over soon?
2. He is not going to meet us. He’s busy.
3. Who’s giving you all the information?
4. Of course, I’ll do it for you. You’ve helped me so many times.
5. Check the store on the corner. It’s cheaper.
Complete the phone conversation. Use the correct form of the verbs in parentheses.
Omar: InstantTec Service, how can I help you?
Tony: It’s my new computer. I think it’s (break). It’s still under warranty, but I think I’ll
have to (get/replace).
Omar: What exactly is the problem?
Tony: Everything, actually. It won’t switch on at all. The screen is completely blank. Maybe you’ve sold
me a (damage) computer.
Omar: Could you give me your user name, please? I can your connection
(have/check) first. If it needs(repair), we’ll send a technician over to identify the
Tony: OK. The user name’s Genius89.
Omar: I’m checking it now. Hmmm… the line is OK, but your computer is not
(connect). Perhaps you need a new router

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