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كتاب النشاط Mega Goal 5

كتاب النشاط Mega Goal 5

Two Is Better Than One
Read the situations and make deductions.

1. Your father’s car is in the garage. He must be home. / He can’t have left.

2. Your cousin’s bicycle is in the garden. He/ She …

3. You can’t turn on your new computer. It …

4. Your best friend is not at school today. He/ She …

5. You are 15 minutes late. Your friends don’t They …
seem to be in the mall.

كتاب النشاط Mega Goal 5

Rags to Riches

Simple Present Tense

Use the simple present tense for facts and things that are true in general.

For animals in the wild, each day is a struggle to survive.

Use the simple present tense to talk about future timetables or schedules.

My flight from Dubai to Bahrain leaves at 08:10 tomorrow. I then fly to Saudi Arabia
and arrive in Riyadh at eleven o’clock.

Use the present simple with exclamations with Here…! and There…! :

Q: Can I have the check, please? A: Of course, Sir. Here you are!

Q: Dad, can I borrow your cell phone, please? A: I suppose so. Here you go!

Q: Where are my glasses? A: Ah! There they are!

Q: Where is Nathalie? A: Here she comes!

كتاب النشاط Mega Goal 5

What Will They Think of Next
1.Think about a person you admire who could be a role model for you and your friends.

2. Research and collect information about his/her life and achievements. Make notes along
the timeline below.

3. Draw the timeline on a large poster. Use your notes to write brief summaries at each point.

4. Include pictures or drawings to illustrate the person’s achievements.

5. Present your poster in class. Allow time for questions afterward.

كتاب النشاط Mega Goal 5

The Gender Divide

Kevin Shields is the host of the show.

The book they are discussing was written a long time ago.

New and experienced drivers use different driving strategies.

Experienced drivers seem to be better able to deal with
difficult situations.

Older drivers’ reflexes are as fast as younger drivers’.

New drivers tend to get more stressed and frightened when dealing with a dangerous situation.

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