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كتاب النشاط Traveller 5

كتاب النشاط Traveller 5

equipment scuba diving value incentive

outings budget ranging all-inclusive

1. The chocolate cake looked very appealing / complimentary to Debbie and she looked forward to eating it.

2. Gadi is really pleased with his summer job because he gets free rates / lodging as well as free meals.

3. Maria tries to require / avoid food which contains nuts because she is allergic to them.

4. Astronauts experience gravity / weightlessness when they go into space.

5. After the accident, the company made health and safety its insurance / priority.

6. Our manager organised a charter / team building trip for us to the Peak District.

B. Complete the text with the words in the box. There are two extra words which you do not need to use

كتاب النشاط Traveller 5

1. If she doesn’t follow a stricter diet, she won’t lose any weight.
She won’t lose any weight a stricter diet.

2. If you happen to see Dr Turner, give him my regards.
If Dr Turner, give him my regards.

3. You can use my computer if you are careful with it.
You can use my computer careful with it.

4. I’m sure the mouse is somewhere in the wardrobe.
The mouse in the wardrobe.

5. I’m sure that boy isn’t Jim because Jim is shorter.
That boy Jim because Jim is shorter.

6. There’s a possibility that they won’t visit us at the weekend.
They at the weekend.

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