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FLYING HIGH 2 Workbook

3Reading and writing
aRead the text.
The ruined city of Petra is located in the south of Jordan, about 260 km from Amman. It is one of the mostspectacular ancient cities in the world. You can reach Petra by bus, minibus or taxi. In nearby Wadi Mosa youcan find a good range of guest houses and hotels, as well as restaurants. It is advisable to hire one of the veryknowledgeable local guides when you visit the site.

we decided to go out to a restaurant.
I couldn’t find an apartment there.
I missed the closing date.
I didn’t have enough money.
he decided that English was more useful.
It concluded that between a half andtwo-thirds of shoppers buy items onthe basis of the attractiveness of theirpackaging, rather than the quality oftheir contents. Researcher Jan Walshsaid: ‘Packaging seems to be moreimportant than the product inside.’
(12) ___________________ .
Grammar builder:present perfect continuous vs. present perfect simple
•To describe actions or situations that continue to the present.
I’ve studied/ I’ve been studyinghere for two years. (I still work here.)
•To emphasise that an activity has not finished, use the continuous form.
I’ve been readinga novel. (I’m still reading it.)
•To emphasise completion, use the simple form.
I’ve readWar and Peace. (I’ve finished it.)
•Present perfect simple

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