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Class book Family and Friends 4

Speaking ask and answer about max amy holly and leo
choose foods you would like to buy ask and answer
Write about what you are going to do this weekend
Complete the sentences with
the food here is great
listen to the story again and repeat
What do you like for breakfast
Read again and write Mexico or Scotland
teacher welcom to primary i’m your new teacher miss wells i’d like you
all to tell me something about yourself who’s first?
max,,my name’s max. i like reading and learning
about everything teaxher that’s grat
max..max i’ve got a younger sister her names’s

holly and she’s in primary2
..she likes listening to music and playing whit her toys
..maxand my australlian cousins are here too
amy is in this class look amy
hello miss wells i love taking photos and playing sport
..max,,my other cousin is leo
but he doesn’t go to this schoo; he’s 12 he
really loves skateboarding
and we do lots of things toghether
teacher great and do you skateboard together? max well..
he skateboard and i read books about skateboards
the pond i’ve got a new be it
look at this beautiful qui it tickets for six childern
and two adults’please

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