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Family and Friends 2 student book

Listen to the story again and repeat
rosy got brown hair
Tim got brown eyes
billy is four
Look and say introduce a friend
write the numbers
our new things
Listen to the story again and repeat
look and say
they happy now
skills time
i can ride a bike
Where is my teddy bear
i cant find him anywhere
our new things – they’re happy now – i can ride a bike

Unit 10 – 11 – 12
it’s hot today
Let’s walk to the shops
don’t put on your coat billy it’s hot today
What’s the weather like it’s sunny
Quick Grandpa open the door please
Where’s the key? oh no i haven’t got the key
What are you wearing
Read again Circle the false word and write the correct word
You’re sleeping
Look at the pictures What are they doing

Unit 13 – 14 – 15
Look at all the animals
wow look at all the animals
abd this sheep is smaller than that sheep
Read again Circle the correct word
Write and to connect the sentences
Look at the photos
We were outside
I don’t like tennis or football
i like cakes and bananas
Well done
There weren’t any children
Listen and complete the words
Look at the pictures What is the horse doing

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