Lift Off Unt 1 – 2

Lift Off Unt 1 – 2
1Marhabais in Arabic.
2We’re hoping to have poems and stories.
3Yazeed is writing the topics.
4Adel’s editing the website.
5We want to make the website boring.
6The website starts next month.
Unit 1•Lesson 1
Lift Off Unt 1 – 2
How Saudi Stars started
ATey discussed this idea with their teacher, Mrs. Rinad Abu Zinada.
BJulie agreed because the newsletter sounded very interesting.
CMrs. Rinad arranged to print the newsletter for the girls.
DLeena and Dalal started intermediate school at the same time.
ELeena, Dalal and Julie decided to call the newsletterSaudi Stars.
FTey wanted to use and practise English for a project.
GLeena suggested writing a newsletter in English.
HDalal contacted her friend Julie and asked her to help.

2the school closed four years ago
3Julie’s dad started a new job two years ago
4Julie/mum/stayed/Paris/for two months
5Julie and her mum arrived/Riyadh three months ago

1Sami is at Adel’s house.
2Yazeed is preparing a page for the website.
3Adel always forgets to smile at the camera.
4Yazeed takes the photos.
5Yazeed checks information in the article.
6Sami is checking spelling in an article.
7Adel is taking a photo.
8Adel uses the best photo with the article.
BSPEAKINGWork in pairs.
1Correct the false sentences.
2Study the pictures, then close your books.
What the boys are doing?
Unit 1•Lesson 3

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