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Mega Goal 1 – 3

About the Conversation
1.What kind of apartment is Hameed looking for?
2.Why does Jason tell Hameed that he needs a reality check?
3.What decision does Hameed make at the end of the conversation?

In English, there are many two-syllable words whose part of speech and meaning change if you change thestress. Stress the first syllable of most two-syllable nouns. Stress the last syllable of most two-syllable verbs. Listenand practice.
1.Finding the right apartment can have a bigimpacton your life.
2.Paying rent that is too expensive for you canimpactyour lifestyle.
3.Finding the right apartment doesn’t have to be an overwhelmingproject.
4.When you go to a job interview, you shouldprojecta sense of confidence.
5.Be sure to read every word of the rentalcontract.
6.Some peoplecontractdangerous viruses while they are traveling abroad.

Before Reading
Work in pairs. Which do you think are the mainstrengths of the people and the economy ofSaudi Arabia? Read the passage and underlineall the positive features about people and theeconomy.

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