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Mega Goal 1 – 3

1. Ahmed was looking forward to Abdullah’s graduation event.
2. Ahmed has to go to a family dinner for his parents’ wedding anniversary.
3. He wants Ahmed to leave the dinner early.
being in constant touch with people who are long distances away.
B 1. Adel spent the
summer in the USA.
It’s early autumn. He
doesn’t feel very happy
because he has to wake
up early, spend the
whole day at school and
do homework. He is
excited about the
weekend because his
father has promised to
let him drive the jeep in
the desert.
2. PS stands for post-
script. Postscript is
writing added after the
main letter.
3. This email is similar to
the email on page 7, from
Melanie to Olivia because
the greeting is: hi Brian
Opening line: How are
you doing? Did you have
a good summer?
The content has to do
with what the two friends
share and what is special
in their lives.
Closing: Give my best to
your family
Signed: Adel (first name)

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