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Mega Goal 3 Student book

Mega Goal 3 Student book

Crime Doesn’t Pay

Write a story for a newspaper or web article describing a crime. Choose a real or imagined crime.

1.The crime should be a foolish, non-violent one.

2. Before you write, answer the five “Ws” about this crime: Who, What, Where, When, and Why.

Use the pentagon chart to help you think and make notes around it.

Decide on a headline for your article.

4. Use your notes to write the first draft of the article.

5. Exchange and edit your drafts.

6. Re-write, check, and submit or post.

Far and Away

Simple Past Tense: Be
How were the burglars caught? There were security cameras everywhere.

Was the pickpocket sorry for his crime? Yes, he was. He apologized to the victim.

Simple Past Tense: Regular and Irregular Verbs
What did the police do? They arrested the criminal. They didn’t arrest the man.

Where did they go after they were arrested? They went to police station. They didn’t go to the police station.

Time Expressions for the Past

The armed robber stole a car yesterday. Nathalie forgot to lock the door last night.

The burglar went to jail in 2006. I went to Oman three years ago.

TV Around the World
disguised as a personal message is “Koob.” “Koob”
is spread through messages sent through social
networking sites. The emails have subject lines like,
“You look funny on our new video” .

When users try to
download the “video,” what they really get is a virus.

Another common way email users are manipulated
into opening attachments that contain viruses is with
messages that appear to come from businesses that
people frequently use. These typically include auction
sites, delivery services, and financial institutions.

One such virus is the “UPS/FedEx Delivery Failure.”

This email comes with a message informing the
user that a package he or she had supposedly sent
could not be delivered. Users are told to click on
the attachment for a refund.

In reality, of course, the
attachment unleashes a virus.

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