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Mega Goal 4 Workbook

Mega Goal 4 Workbook
You’re driving quickly. (enough) 4. You’re walking slowly. (too)
2. They have bathrooms for everybody. (enough) 5. That couch isn’t big. (enough)
3. I’m not rich to buy that house. (enough) 6. You’re short to play basketball. (too)
Excuse me. How do I get to the park?
John: Take the Number 20 bus. There’s a bus stop over there. Get off at the Bookstore. The park is on
the next block. You can’t miss it.
Tom: Is it far from here?
John: No, it’s about 15 minutes away.
Luis: No, no. Take the F line on the subway, and get off at Main Avenue Station. Walk down
Broadway and take a left after the bank. The park is right across the street. Trust me. I live in
that neighborhood.
Tom: Thanks a lot.
Luis: You’re welcome.
What’s one way to commemorate someone?

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