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Souper Gaol workbook

SuperGoal 1 Workbook

منهج النشاط SuperGoal 1 الفصل الاول 1. A: What does Hameed do? B: He’s a cook. He works in a restaurant. 2. A: What does Mike do? B: He’s a waiter. He works in a restaurant. 3. A: What does Ibrahim do? B: He’s a cameraman. He films the news. 4. A: What does Mr. C) (sample answers) 1- What does Kyle generally eat/have for lunch? He generally eats/has a burger and a soda for lunch. 2- What do Farisy tennis in the park occasionally. C) 3- What does
حل كتا 5 الفصل الاول Module 1 – 3 Student bookHow many hours a day do you watch TV?How often do you exercise?How long do you talk on the phone a day?How often do you go shopping?How much money do you spend a week?How many hours a day do you […]

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