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Student book Flying High 3 حل انجليزي

Student book Flying High 3 حل انجليزي

a- Work in pairs. Each choose one photo. Describe your photo
to your partner using the following questions as a guide:

• How are people travelling?
• What is the road like?
• What are the buildings like?

b- Together with your partner discuss and make a list of any other
differences and similarities between the two photographs.
What kind of lifestyle do you think the people have?

2 Listening and speaking

a- Listen to Trevor Mackay talking about his life in London in the 1970s.
Tick (✔) the topics he mentions from the list.
1 museums 3 food 5 studying 7 traffic 9 architecture

2 clothes 4 family 6 age 8 tourism 10 politics

b- Listen again and choose the correct phrases to complete Trevor’s statements and opinions.

1 Trevor was / wasn’t born in London.

2 There was more / less traffic in the 1970s.

3 London is more / less polluted now.

4 It often took more time to go somewhere on foot / by bus.

5 Students in London nowadays probably can / can’t eat as well as Trevor did.

6 In the 1970s there were no / a few very tall buildings.

7 Student fashion changes a lot / doesn’t change much.

Student book Flying High 3 حل انجليزي

Life’s a journey

hile circling the Moon in the Apollo
15 space craft in 1971, the American
astronaut Al Worden was heard
to say, ‘After The King’s training,
I feel that I’ve been here before.’

Back on Earth, in the NASA control center, Florida,
the assembled scientists cheered for ‘The King’,
Egyptian-born geologist Farouq al-Baz, secretary
of lunar landing site selection and chairman of
astronaut training in visual observations and

‘Why did they call me “The King”?’ joked Dr
al-Baz in a recent interview. ‘I guess it must have
been because I was an Egyptian guy, and the only
Egyptian called Farouq that the Americans had
heard of in those days was King Farouq!

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