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Super Goal 1 Term 2 Student Book

Super Goal 1 Term 2 Student Book

حل كتاب الانجليزي منهج SuperGoal 1 الفصل الاول Good Morning Unit 1 – 4 Carlos: Are you Rick Morgan?Rick: Yes.Carlos: Hi. I’m Carlos Rodriguez. I’m from your company.Rick: Nice to meet you, Carlos.Carlos: Nice to meet you, too. Welcome to Spain.Rick: Thank you.Carlos: So, is this your first time here?Rick: Yes. I’m very excited.Carlos: All […]
SuperGoal 1 Workbook
منهج النشاط SuperGoal 1 الفصل الاول 1. A: What does Hameed do? B: He’s a cook. He works in a restaurant. 2. A: What does Mike do? B: He’s a waiter. He works in a restaurant. 3. A: What does Ibrahim do? B: He’s a cameraman. He films the news. 4. A: What does Mr.[moalmy.com]
كتاب الطالب Mega Goal 5
Would you like another piece of pizza? 1. Sure. I’d love another. 2. I have another computer. Would you like to use it? 3. Some documentaries are interesting. Others aren’t. 4. We need to get another car. This one is so old! 5. Is there any other food? I don’t eat steak. 6. Many of […]
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