Super Goal 5 Student Book

Majid:How often do you go to the gym?
Omar:I work out every day, except weekends.
I’m a bit of anexercise freak.
Majid:Exerciseturns me off.
Omar:Anyway, what are you doing now?
Majid:I’m checking my email.
Omar:How much time do you spend on the
Super Goal 5 Student Book
Majid:A lot. I take my smartphone with me
wherever I go. My friends say that mysmartphone is really my best friend.
You see, I can access the Internet
almost everywhere.
Real Talk
exercise freak=someone who exercises a lot
turn (someone) off=does not interest at all
Anyway= a word to introduce a change in topic
You see= a phrase to introduce an explanation
About the Conversation
1.Does Omar exercise a lot?
2.Does exercise turn Majid off?
3.Does Majid spend a lot of time on the Internet?
4.Why can Majid check his email frequently?

Super Goal 5 Student Book
hear ring tones of cell phones, and yousee people who are
talking on the phonein public or sending text messages.
Thisuse of cell phones may signal morethan normal communication
with friendsand family. For some teenagers, thiscraze may be a sign of unhappinessand anxiety.

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