Super Goal 5 WorkBook

usually downloads videos and gamesalways lives a healthy lifestyle
frequently spends a lot of time at the gymregularly chats online

normally works out five times a weekoften spends a lot of time at the officenever takes a vacation
always eats vegetables

Jamal / after school / usually // always
Q:Does Jamal usually ride his bike after school?
A:Jamal always rides his bike after school.
1.Mona’s little brother / usually / in the afternoon // sometimes

Complete each sentence with the verb in parentheses. Then rewrite each sentence.
Use an adverb of frequency.

Did you answeryesto five or more questions?
You may be a shopping addict. What can you do? You can ask for help from friends.
You can get counseling. Shopping shouldn’t control you. You should control shopping

Complete the chart with your information. How many hours a week do you spend on each activity?
Which things are habits for you? Which things are addictions?

Now write a paragraph about your activities. How often and how long do you do them?Which are important? Which are not important? Which are habits? Which are addictions?
What can you do to change them?

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