SuperGoal 3 Unit 5 – 8 مادة

Martin Michaels has a university degree inpublic relations, and now he is a social directoron a cruise ship. He visits many scenic portsand meets lots of fascinating people. Martin
is a highly motivated, energetic, outgoing,

and friendly person. On the ship, Martin worksseven days a week, eight to fourteen hours aday. His job is to provide social activities forpassengers. He is also responsible for ensuringthat
passengers have a positive view of thecruise line and its services.
He helps to organizeall kinds of events, such as sports activities
andexcursions at the ports they visit. Martin likes towork with the public,
but one negative thingabout the job is that crew members do nothave any free time
for themselves.

About the Conversation
1.What’s Rick’s pastime?
2.How often does he do it?
3.Does he perform stunts?
4.What does he invite Jason to do?
5.What does Jason think Rick’s hobby is at first?

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