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Traveller 3 Unit 1

Traveller 3 Unit 1
learn how to express enthusiasm, make suggestions and give directionstalk about language learning and different cultures and lifestyles
learn to distinguish between permanent and temporary situationslearn how to refer to past habits and events
learn how to ask questions informally and formally
learn to write a paragraph and an informal email based on promptsacquire skills and strategies that will help you in exams
2.All the exhibits on show are the same size as the originals.
3.The organisers of the park want visitors to learn something
about different countries in the world.
4.You can try out food from different parts of China in the park.
5.Visitors can take part in sporting activities in the park.
6.The visitors are enthusiastic about the park.
A. Discuss.
• Has anyone ever asked you for directions in English? How did you react? Did you manage to help them?
• Do you find it hard to give directions? Why / Why not?

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