Traveller 3 Unit 2

When you hear the word ‘hero’,who comes to your mind?
What do you prefer reading, historybooks or adventure stories? Why?
talk about fictional heroes, historical figures, everydayheroes and their achievements
learn how to use appropriate tenses to talk about pastevents and situations
learn how to make comparisons
learn how to define people, places, things and ideasand give additional information about them
learn how to describe a person
learn how to tell a story
learn to write an informal letter including a narrativeacquire skills and strategies that will help you in exams
TeacherExactly. He believed that human beings shouldn’t
live their lives in luxury. And he also thought thatpeople shouldn’t befussyabout where they sleepor what they eat and they should know how to telltheir friends from their enemies. So, can any ofyou guess what is so important about this meeting?
When trying to guess the meaning of an unknown
word, always look for clues in the context (the wordsbefore and after it as well as the previous and followingsentences). Also look for clues in the word itself. See
if it is similar to any other words that you know and tryto analyse it into its parts – root, ending, prefix, suffix.Then try to determine:
äwhat part of speech it is (verb, noun, adjective, etc.)
äif it has a positive, negative or neutral meaning
äwhat general topic it is related to
äwhat it means approximately

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