Traveller 3 Unit 4

talk about jobs, job interviews and qualificationstalk about free-time activities and leisure facilitieslearn how to use appropriate tenses to link thepast with the present
learn how to write an informal letter giving newsand a formal letter of application
learn how to express obligation, prohibition andabsence of necessity
learn how to express preference and makesuggestions
learn how to express possibility and makedeductions
acquire skills and strategies that will help you inexams
Which teenager/s mention/s
not being interested in activities done by people their age?being interested only in outdoor activities?
doing only activities that keep them indoors?
doing an activity their parents helped them begin?
doing an activity their parents are not happy about?
doing an activity that made it possible for them to go todifferent places?
starting an activity at a very young age that they still do?
It’s so exciting to be in London!
I know.
It’s a beautiful city.
So,where are we off tofirst?
Well, I don’t know about you, but I need to dosome shopping on Edgware Road.
Edgware Road? Where is that?
Well, according to this guide book, it’s veryclose to Marble Arch.Hold on, let me find it onthe map. It’s right…here.
Oh, there it is.
But we don’t have to go now. We can visit thesights first, if you want. There is the BritishMuseum and the Natural History Museum. Oh,what about the London Eye? Do you want to gothere?
No, we needn’t go sightseeing right away. Also, Idon’t like Ferris wheels. Especially huge ones.OK then, what do you want to do?
Actually, do you want tograb a bitefirst? I’m abitpeckish.

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