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Traveller 3 Workbook

Traveller 3 Workbook
Imagine that your local council is building a new
youth centre in your area. A committee is decidingwhat activities and facilities the centre should offer.The pictures below show the suggestions that arebeing considered. First, discuss the advantages anddisadvantages of each activity. Then, decide which twoactivities would appeal most to young people. Use thevocabulary and suggested expressions given.

• What are the advantages/disadvantages of each activity?• Which two would appeal most to young people?
In my opinion / I think… would be a good idea… because…
Some young people may find this difficult because…
This would be useful for…
… would provide young people with an opportunity to…
I don’t think many young people would be interested in…
When you are presented with a text from whichsentences have been removed:
äfirst read the whole text in order to get an
overall idea.
äread the sentences before and after the gap
and the sentences that have been removed
from the text, looking for clues in both the text
and the sentences. The correct option mustlogically complete the writer’s meaning andgrammatically fit the gap.
äpay attention to sentence linkers (moreover,
on the other hand, as a result, after, etc.) as
well as reference items (he, it, this, there,etc.)and identify what they refer to. This will help
you understand the text.

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