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Work book Family and Friends 5

match the questions with the answers
How are ed abd kate feeling
what does Libby do on Fridays
do you always watch TV after school are you playing a game you got tow years ago
who started the club
what is the club called
What did you do last week fill in the diary then write sentences
where is Libby going now
Complete the conversation use the present simple
or the present continuous
look at the dsd club poster add punctuation circle
letters that need capitals
do you always watch tv after school?
are you playing a gme you got two years age?
you need to do something dofferent >thee dsd club meets

the correct order
..the dsd club decided to build the set libby wrote a play
libby and ed painted mountains and sky
.fin and libby brouth some wood and some
paint Ed and kates dad
gave them his tools ..kate helped fin build the set ..
circle the adjectives undeline the adverbs
..we saw our favaourite teacher at the park ,
,i did my homework carefully my big
sister plays tennis well
everyfriday at the club house we do
lats of exciting things
..these are the activities e tried last month
>these are the avtivities we tries last month
…are you goo artist? are you a good actor?
Number the events in
.gloria poured the yellow paint slowly
.the children played games hoppily in the garden
i’ve been at this school since five years I was six.
we’ve played football for an hour three clock

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