Workbook Family and Friends 1

Workbook Family and Friends 1
ive got an apple and ive got banana choose one
look now i ve got ten sandwiches and six please share my lunch
in my lunch box i’ve got a cheese sandwich and a banana i ve got an orange
i haven’t got a biscuit i haven’t got a drink today
Where’s Grandma
Listen to the st
Workbook Family and Friends 1
Rosy’s aunt and uncle in the dining room
Look at the pictures again point ask and answer
Read the chant again Circle the sh sounds
look at this
this is my school bag
Draw color and write about three of your school things
the ball is green the teddy is orange the car is red
underline the sentences
look at the picture and write
say the sound say the words color the correct picture
Read and write the letters
this is my paper cat
color the face and body color the legs and paws

Lunchtime Unit 9

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